They saw law is equal for everybody. However, as much as I hate to say this, I don’t think that really is the case when the culprit is a woman.

This case certainly doesn’t make a good case for this notion which a lot of people have.

27-year old Darla Renee Jackson murdered Chief Pretty Officer Zachary Boub in a fit of rage. That’s the kind of thing one expects the guilty to be behind bars for a couple decades, if not for life, or for the chair.

However, by the time the trial had concluded, the charges accepted by the Court against Jackson put her at risk of a maximum 11-year imprisonment only. What’s more shocking is that she actually got a sentence of just 6 years imprisonment for this horrific cold-blooded murder!

Jackson ran over CPO Bob in South Bay on May 28th, in 2015. The 39-year old deceased served in special operations of the U.S. Navy.

She was originally tried for second-degree murder, and has now plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter. She had mowed down CPO Boub, while he was riding his motorcycle at 80 miles an hour in the middle of the interstate!

She actually chased Boub down, before she finally managed to mow him down. She first passed his motorcycle in fast lane near E Street on Interstate 5. She then swerved her car towards him several times. She then chased him across four lanes! And then finally ran him over on State Route 54.

Jackson hit Boub’s motorcycle at 80mph! When she was first caught by the California Highway Patrol, she said that Bpub apparently kicked her car, then flipped her off, and then sped across. Seh said she only chased him because she wanted to exhcnage insurance information!

She said that Boub had sped up to 95mph, and she was just keeping pace. Her lawyer, Stephen Cline meanwhile argued that she didn’t have intention to kill!

I for one, do not buy any of the BS she or her lawyer try to sell to the Court or the people.

The way I see it, it was a cold-blooded murder. And this woman is a real danger to the society. Just a couple of years behind the bars is nearly not enough for her.

What do you think about this whole incident? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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