Woman Dies After Being Thrown Off From Motorcycle

A 36-year old woman recently met a tragic death while riding pillion on a 1999 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Randi L. Mahas, 36, was traveling with a 36-year old man at the time of the accident.

The two were headed south on Interstate 15. The incident took place near Exit 158, which is located in Milard County, near the town of Meadow.

The man, who was riding the motorcycle, hailed from Farr West in Utah, while Mahas lived in Ogden. The two were apparently going at a high speed, when they accidentally rode over a dip in the road. Consequently, the bike began to wobble uncontrollably. The Harley then tipped on of its sides, and went into a skid.

By the time the motorcycle stopped skidding, Mahas was thrown off the motorcycle. Unfortunately, none of the two were wearing a helmet. They were first taken to Filmore in an ambulance, in a critical condition. And then, they had to be flown by helicopter to the Utah Valley Hospital.

The man sustained severe injuries, while Mahas succumbed to her injuries and died. We really wish the two of them were wearing helmets and proper gear. A life could very well have had been saved, if they just took more care of their safety. It really makes us sad to say that, but that’s the truth!

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