In the ever escalating war for political correctness, silicon valley giants have recently deleted Steven Gern’s Facebook profile, YouTube channel, and Google account.

What was the heinous crime he committed, you ask? He posted a viral video in which he questioned Islam, of course.

Whether or not liberals want to admit it, the Islamification of America is real.

Thanks to Obama and the past decade of pro-Islam policies, we’re now bending over backwards to “tolerate” Sharia law and their barbaric way of life, meanwhile they openly declare they want to end Western Civilization.

This controversy all started roughly seven months ago after Steven Gern, Iraq Veteran, released a video describing what the locals would do to an American if given the opportunity.

Silence is Consent previously reported on the viral video, noting that it led to his employer terminating him.

“…I asked them [Iraqi civilians] a simple question, and I got an answer to that simple question, and I got it without hesitation.

My simple question was: ‘As an American, if I went out in town right now, would I be welcome?’
…they instantly said I would not be welcome. I said: ‘Okay, so what would happen if I went out into town?’

They said: “The locals would snatch you up, and kill you within an hour.’
I’d be tortured first, and after they were done torturing me, I’d probably be beheaded, and it’d go on video for everybody to see as an example.”

“This isn’t ISIS, this isn’t Al-Qaeda, this isn’t the PNU, this isn’t a militia,” he noted. “This is the local populus that would do this.” After releasing this video, it immediately racked up tens of millions of views, spreading all throughout America as patriots heard his warning call—but then something unexpected happened.

Seemingly out of nowhere, tech giants rallied together to silence this man. “I got contacted by Sean Hannity and went on the Hannity Show, but in the mean time from there everything was shut down. My Facebook was shut down, my Twitter was shut down…YouTube shut down…as if I’d never even existed,” he said.

Thankfully, Steven Gern is back at it, spreading his message for all the people of America to hear—and in this exclusive interview with Alex Jones of Info Wars, he holds nothing back.

Every single patriot in this country must watch the following interview, because our freedom of speech depends on it.

“The video was a 3-minute video…I didn’t have any followers at the time.

I put the video out, and next thing you know it had gone viral,” he said. After going on a mission and having lunch with his platoon, he received a call from his agency telling him that his life was in danger—and just like that, he left.

This is proof that there is censorship going on in this country—no, it’s not a myth, and it isn’t something that only happens to radical extremists. This is something that happened to a VETERAN, who fought for our country.

This is how the liberal elites repay him for putting his life on the line: with censorship.

It’s time for the men and women in this country to exercise their freedoms of speech. Say what you believe, act how you wish, and express yourself wholeheartedly, for if we let the left bully us into submission it will mean the end of the United States of America.

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