Three women join a road construction crew, but the blonde does things differently

This one’s a doozy!

A road construction manager needs to hire someone to paint the yellow lines down the middle of a newly constructed road. A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead all get hired and are each assigned a section of the road.

The first day, the redhead paints 1.5 miles, the brunette 1, and the blonde 2.

On the second day, the redhead paints 2.5 miles, the brunette 2, and the blonde 1.

On the third day, the redhead paints 3.5 miles, the brunette 3, but the blonde only does 1/4 mile.

The manager decides to talk to the blonde. “You haven’t been painting as much road as you did on the first day,” the manager says. “What’s the problem?”

“I’d be painting more,” the blonde replies, “but the bucket keeps getting farther and farther away!”

Yep. Sounds about right!

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