Teen Was Texting in Chain-Reaction Crash With Motorcycle, School Bus, Officials Say

Incidents like this make me go dizzy. I feel like bursting my head on the keyboard, when I write something like this. Is this really what we’ve come to. Are we doing evolution right? Is the human race actually become so dumb, with our technology becoming smarted by the day?

Recently, a motorcyclist was crushed between a pickup truck and a school bus in Mire, near Lafayette in Lousiana. Behind the wheel of the pickup truck was 18-year-old, Savana Savely.

The incident happened at around 7 in the morning when Savana rammed the motorcycle into the school bus. Troopers later on arrested him. Apparently, Savana never slowed down before ramming into the motorcycle. And the reason for this allegedly is that he was texting while driving, and never had his eyes on the road at the time of the crash!

Savely has been booked on charges no seat belt, negligent injuring, reckless operation, and texting while driving. He has been booked into the Lafayette Correctional Center.

Thankfully, the motorcyclist survived the crash. 3 kids from the school bus were also taken for treatment for minor injuries.

It has come to a point when distracted drivers are becoming worse than drunk drivers. And I personally think that a strong action needs to be taken against them in the interest of everybody’s safety.

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