Motorcycle Hack – Mount a Tire with Zip Ties

Zip tie method motorcycle tire mount. I have changed dozens of tires this way. It is not always this easy but it will always work and with some patience you don’t need tire spoons that may damage your rims.

The tire lube I used is Matrix Concepts 1.7 tire lube.It seems to dry without a greasy film and helps a lot.

I broke the bead using a portable bead breaker from Motorsport sourced from Motorcycle Superstore.

Have you ever had to remove a tire yourself? It can be a daunting task and many people just won’t attempt it.

Check out this tire changing hack.

If you ride long enough you will eventually have a tire issue.

Most times you will be able to get a tire mounted at a service center, or dealer. Sometimes though you just have to do it yourself. This video tutorial will show you a pretty unique hack to remove a tire with zip ties of all things.

Is this hack for everyone? No it isn’t, but it is a wonderful technique to help save your rims, and to save some money.

Tell us if you have ever changed your own tire!

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WATCH: Motorcycle Hack – Mount a Tire with Zip Ties

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