This Little Girl Refuses To Sit On His Motorcycle For A Very Good Reason

Once a 10-year old girl was walking down the street towards her home from the school.

Soon enough, a big biker approached her.

He asked her if she wanted a ride on his motorcycle. The little girl denied and went on her way.

However, the biker kept following her. A little later, he said, “Okay, I’ll give you $5 if you hop on.” The little girl denied again, saying, “No, I’m good”.

The biker kept following. A while later, he said, “Okay, how about $10 and you hop on?” The little girl again denied, saying, “No, I’m good!”

The biker didn’t budge.

He still kept following her. And this time, he said, “Okay, how about $20, and a bag of candies?” This time, the little girl, furiously said, “No, I’m not taking a ride on that bike of yours”.

So, the biker asked, why?!

And the little girl replied, “Look Dad, I told you. I’m not riding on that Honda of yours. I told you to get a Harley, didn’t I?!”

So, guys, always get a Harley! Even the little ones know!

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