Indian Motorcycles is perhaps the only brand around today which has been on the block as long as Harley-Davidson.

About a century ago, Indian Motorcycles dominated the industry.

However, over the decades Harley grew leaps and bounds and reduced Indian to a fraction of its own size.

The decade so far hasn’t been particularly good for the motorcycle industry, with the sales just as bad as they were during the recession.

Harley isn’t immune to the industry’s downturn and is struggling hard to match its numbers.

However, there’s one brand that’s beating the industry hands down with its offerings. And that’s Indian Motorcycles.

Indian’s share in big motorcycles (601cc and larger engine capacity) grew over 300% from 3% to 10%!

They’re still a fraction of about Harley’s 52% share, but if things continue as they are now, Indian might just come back at the top of the pyramid, like it was, about a century ago.

So, how is Indian managing this? The best sum-up for that is this statement by Reid Wilson, Marketing Director at Indian Motorcycles.

“We’ve built on that momentum with a careful balance of commitment to our heritage, coupled with a focus on modern design and performance.”

You can’t mistake an Indian of today for one from decades ago.

Indian’s managed to strike the right balance between keeping their heritage and inducing modern technology and design philosophies.

And not just that, they’re bringing the right product for the right market.

While the Chieftain hits the nail right on the head for a touring bike, the Scout does the trick for young buyers.

The Scout is the perfect entry-level cruiser for those who want the perfect bundle of new-age aggression, cruiser design, power, and engineering. And that too, at a competitive price.

Gone are the days when just a “Since 1901” badge could sell bikes. Millenials want their rides to give them real value for money. And that’s what Indian aspires to give them. To compliment them, Indian seeks to give just the right branding, and not just heritage. Indian’s efforts at flat track racing.

Their recent win of the Grand National Title just goes on to show how the company is at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation and performance.

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