This Helmet Has A Camera That Gives The Rider A 360 Degree View

If you are one of the people whose primary vehicle for commuting to places is a motorcycle, then you are already taking risk more than the people who choose to ride on four wheels take. There are so many things moving around at high speeds on the road while you are on the in the open on a bike.

Not much explanation is needed to say how dangerous and tricky it can get for a rider in a matter of seconds in the open road. Things can always get a bit safer even if you have review mirrors and a safety gear with the advancements in technology.

Here we take a look at a helmet which is named “CrossHelmet” which has something amazing to offer. This helmet will not only protect your head, it will also let you know about your surroundings in the form of a rearview mirror projection. The main feature of this helmet is that it has a camera installed at the back which will allow you to keep an eye on what’s happening at your back in a small projection window.

It can also project GPS directions on the screen and is one of the brilliant ideas that you have to check out in the following video.

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WATCH: This Helmet Has A Camera That Gives The Rider A 360 Degree View

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