Supeene then installed a surveillance camera in case whoever left the note came back.

And it seems his effort paid off. On Tuesday, Supeene woke up to a sticky mess covering his 2013 Wide Glide.

“It literally stripped the paint right off the rear fender,” Supeene said. “It’s ruined the bike.”

Footage from the security camera revealed a person carrying a paint can.

“The first comment that came out of my mouth was ‘I got you, you S-O-B,’” Supeene said, describing his reaction to the act of vandalism as “shock, disgust, anger.”

Supeene estimates the damage to his bike could cost up $10,000 to fix. While insurance should cover most of that amount, he’s worried the vandal could come back.

“How far are you going to go?” he asked. “Stop. Grow up.”

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