Combat veteran with no formal education creates “tank chair” company for paralyzed wife

In 1999 Brad Soden and his wife Liz were in a car accident that left Liz paralyzed from the waist down.

The two loved the outdoors.

After the accident, Brad would mention going on hiking or camping trips, Liz would say, “Go on without me.” A wheelchair wouldn’t be able to deal with the terrain they were accustomed to. That was an unacceptable response for Brad. So, he got to work on an innovative solution.

Without any engineering background or college degree, Brad was determined to create a wheelchair to get Liz up and moving. Brad drew inspiration from his experience working on tracked vehicles while serving as an infantryman in the United States Armed Forces.

After a little while, Brad had constructed a wheelchair to conquer any terrain. It looks like a tank! And it’s no surprised why Brad dubbed it “Tank Chair.”

Knowing how much this unique wheelchair helped his wife, Brad got to thinking it could help many more. Most importantly, wounded veterans.

“This joy that I have felt in allowing my wife to conquer her disability is what drives TC Mobility to continue to push the envelope in providing cutting edge solutions to the mobility market,” Brad says. “We want (every) family to feel the happiness in getting beyond the sidewalk.”

Check out the video to learn more about Brad and this incredible innovation!

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WATCH: Combat veteran with no formal education creates “tank chair” company for paralyzed wife

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