We’re not making this up. What we’re about to tell you today will make you look at that single biker in your club in a much different light. And we aren’t theorizing here. We’re just iterating what a scientific study has found out!

If you’re 45, and you’re married, chances are, your single friends are getting more action than you do!

The survey wasn’t conducted exclusively for bikers but included a lot of them. It was conducted by AARP Survey of Midlife and Older Adults. We haven’t gone through the entire survey ourselves. But, thankfully, the folks at Clutch and Chrome did. And as they report, “bikers don’t get older, they just have more sex!”

The survey was exclusively for people above 45. The survey included 1670 adults, including 630 Hispanics. As reported by Clutch and Chrome, 48% of single riders had sex at least once a week. This is a number a third more than what the married ones did. Only 36% married couples got together once a week.


As many as 60% single riders were well satisfied with their sex lives, compared to just 52% of those in a marriage. Interestingly, of those who were sexually satisfied, more than 84% hit the road more than once a week. While 59% hit the road just twice a month.

 So, the more you ride, the more you “ride”!

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