Being a Biker Could Mean Losing Your Gun Rights

Is it legal to ride a motorcycle? Yes, it is. Is it legal to be part of a motorcycle club? Yes, it is.

Is it legal to have a licensed gun? Yes, it is. Yet, if you’re doing all three, the police may arrest you.

We’ve come across this shocking incident of a motorcyclist profiled and harassed just because of his appearance and association.

John is a law-abiding citizen like most other bikers. He earns an honest living, is a degreed professional, and has never even been charged with a crime. Yet, when the Police saw him change lanes and mistakenly not giving turn indicators, they arrested him for it. The incident happened in Fort Worth in Texas.

As soon as was stopped, he immediately handed over all his documents and fully cooperated with the officers. Until they went a bit too overboard. They asked him to open his locked briefcase, to which he denied citing a lack of a warrant. And that’s why they arrested this poor biker! After the arrest, they broke the lock, seized his licensed gun and aren’t releasing it. They’ve even filed to have his CHL rights revoked.

This incident is not a one-off incident and is just an example of how cops around the country are profiling motorcyclists and harassing them, just because they like to dawn their club attire! This is an absolute violation of our constitutional rights. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

For those who are interested, you can also read a detailed account of what happened in the source link given below.

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