10 Of The Best Biker Movies Of All Time

At Ride Brotherhood , we say this quite often. “Motorcycling is not just a way of commute, it’s a way of life. It’s a culture. It’s a brethren.”

And if there’s one thing that can really depict a culture, a lifestyle, and bring back a lot of old memories, it is a good movie.

Over the history of Hollywood, many movies were made about things concerning motorcycles and the motorcycling culture.

10. Beyond The Law

The 1993 movie features Charlie Sheen as an undercover cop who tries to get into a biker gang. The gang deals in stolen arms and has a leader called “Blood”.

9. The Born Losers

The 1967 movie has a Vietnam veteran battling with evil bikers terrorizing a a Californian town. The movie is based on the incident when 5 Hells Angels members were charged for raping five girls.

8. Hells Angels On Wheels

The 1967 movie is about a gas station attendant who was accepted into the Hells Angels. He however, soon is traumatized by all the brutality he witnesses around him.

7. Stone Cold

This 1991 movie is about a cop from Alabama, who infiltrates into a biker gang based in Mississippi by going undercover for the FBI.

6. Eye of the Tiger

This 1986 movie is about a Vietnam veteran who comes back home only to find his entire town terrorized by a biker gang. The story then revolves around him trying to make things better.

5. Loveless

This 1981 movie revolves around a motorcycle gang that just stopped at a town en route, but got into trouble with the local law enforcement.

4. Electra Glide In Blue

This 1973 movie deals with corruption and moral ambiguity as Robert Blake tries to solve a murder.

3. On Any Sunday

This 1971 documentary was narrated by Steve McQueen himself. It tracks the then fast-growing motorcycle racing sport.

2. The Wild One

This 1953 movie was the one which made Marlon Brando a household name. This was also arguably the first movie that brought about the issue of outlaw motorcycle gangs out in the open.

1. Easy Rider

This 1969 movie is widely regarded as the best biker movie by most people. The movie is about two bikers who travel from LA to New Orleans to discover America, and more importantly, sell drugs.

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